A recipe game to fuel culinary creativity.

How it works: 

Ask the AI for random ingredients for a dish to cook. You can specify diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.), meal type, or anything else. 

The AI will give you a random style, protein, vegetable, fruit, spice, carb, and cooking method. It will also ask if you’d like a “secret ingredient” for an additional challenge. Think of shows like Chopped where you need to come up with a dish that incorporates pig liver and Skittles. 

Once you get your ingredients, you can craft your recipe and sent it to the AI for critique. Or, if you just want to see what the AI comes up with you can tell it you’re stumped. Not every output will give you something to work with. 

If you do create the recipe, post it under hashtag #mixupmeals. When some mega corporation sees the genius of this idea, I’ll try and get them to send you a new air fryer or something.


Why this site?

I’m a freelance marketer/creative director experimenting with learning more about AI. I also do improv and love to cook and thought this would be a fun way to combine both interests.


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Created by Marc Lefton.

Issues? feedback@mixupmeals.com